"Australia" - more than kangaroos, koalas and beaches

Wann? 13.02.2019 20:00 Uhr

Wo? Hotel Ibis STyle, Luzern CHauf Karte anzeigen
Luzern: Hotel Ibis STyle | A multivision photoshow by Annemarie Koelliker and Roberto Saibene

Over 2 months Annemarie and Roberto travelled from Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory and ending in Sydney. They encountered amazing landscapes - towering forests, marshland, surreal rock formations, charming wine regions and wild coasts - as well as fascinating fauna from kangaroos to koalas and crocodiles as well as countless colourful birds. They travelled variously on foot, by jeep, mobile home or car, and sometimes by plane for a shortcut over the huge distances.

They have packed their impressions and experiences into a captivating 76 min Multivision Show with music and informative comments complementing the images. Join us tonight for an evening of armchair travel at its best as Annemarie and Roberto take you in comfort through this vast and fascinating continent-country.

Everyone welcome! Cost: Members of the Anglo-Swiss Club – free / Non-members – Fr 10.00

For more info - www.asc-lucerne.ch
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