Anglo-Swiss Club event: Svalbard Expedition – Fascination of the Arctic

Wann? 08.02.2017 20:00 Uhr

Wo? Hotel Ibis STyle, Luzern CHauf Karte anzeigen
Luzern: Hotel Ibis STyle | A multi-vision show by Annemarie Koelliker & Roberto Saibene

This is armchair travel at its best, especially to such an out of the way place as the Svalbard Islands or the 'Gateway to the North Pole' just a 1000 kms away. Here is an icy world of glaciers, pack ice and frozen seas which can only be reached in an ice-strengthened ship. It is a part of the world with a sensitive ecology where the dramatic effects of global warming are becoming ever more obvious.

Annemarie and Roberto were deeply impressed by their adventures in the frozen North and have combined their many unique impressions and countless photos into another of their wonderful multi-vision shows.

All welcome! ASC Members – free / Non-members – Fr 10.00
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