Mustang – Endangered Paradise in the Himalayas (presentation in English)

Wann? 28.03.2018 20:00 Uhr bis 28.03.2018 21:00 Uhr

Wo? Hotel Ibis STyle, Luzern CHauf Karte anzeigen
Luzern: Hotel Ibis STyle | A multi-vision show by Annemarie Koelliker & Roberto Saibene

The former Buddhist kingdom of Mustang is located in the northwest of Nepal, in the Himalayan mountain range. The unreal countryside comprises canyons and deserts dotted with oases, monasteries and unspoiled villages. Annemarie and Roberto spent 3 weeks trekking in the area and participated in the lives of the inhabitants – their celebrations, prayers and daily working lives. As the last representatives of pure Tibetan culture, a long way away from Chinese influence, their intact world is however endangered by progressive modernization.

Join us for an evening of armchair travel at its best as Annemarie and Roberto take you in comfort through this unique country with pictures and music that will give you an impression of the barren countryside, of a 1‘000-year-old culture and religion as well as the simple daily life of the people.

All welcome! Members free/Non-members Fr 10.00
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